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Su di me

I am as much a musician by choice as by training. To me, music isn´t something I do; it´s more like a part of what I am. I find the ability of music to move souls most alluring. Words, language, traditional meaning sets, none of these have any bearing on the intrinsic beauty of the right note in the right place. Music has its own language, and if you are one of those who likes music for its own unique beauty, this site is dedicated to you!

This section of my web site offers the following pieces of information:
  • My Music: Details about my kind of music, my instruments of choice, etc.
  • My Performances: Information about where I have performed so far, with pictures as available.
  • Personal Stats: Who I am; where I am from; what I have done this far, and what I do today.
If you need more information about me, my music, or my performances, please do contact me.

My Music
They say, and rightly so, that one kind of music cannot be compared with any other, but for me, it has always been Carnatic music <<Enter your genre of music here>>. Ever since I was a little child, I found the strains and variances in the tunes I grew up with fascinating ... enchanting. For me, moving over to the musical side was the most natural thing. Fortunately, I had the support of my family, and thanks to their investment in terms of time, interest, and support, I am able to continue with my focus on music.

My Favorite Singers
It´s a long list, of course, especially in my chosen area of music, but if I were to come up with my top-five favorite singers, I would go with the following:
<<Singer 1>> <<Singer 2>> <<Singer 3>> <<Singer 4>> <<Singer 5>>
While I cannot claim to be as great a singer as the ones listed above, I do perform on the stage and have even recorded a few songs in my voice. For more information about my performances, pleae visit the Performances page in this web site.

My Favorite Instruments
For a musician, his instruments are his voicebox; he communicates best with them, in a language that only the music afficianado can understand. My instruments of choice for such communication are the following:
<<Instrument 1>> <<Instrument 2>> <<Instrument 3>>
Apart from vocal performances, I also offer on-stage instrumental performances. For more details on this, please contact me.

Personal Stats
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